About Galapagos Charters

With campuses in Chicago and Rockford, the Galapagos Charter School is providing students with an alternative kind of public education. The Galapagos Charter School values productivity, collaboration, responsibility, respect, individualization, success, and improvement, and tries to instill these same values in its scholars. Additionally, the administration places high emphasis on preparing students for college through the promotion of study skills and habits that stick with them through life and through the sharing of college experiences. The Galapagos Charter School also takes field trips to various Chicago-area universities to familiarize students with higher education institutions. This past summer, 20 scholars earned acceptance into a gifted summer program at the prestigious Northwestern University.

The Galapagos Charter School enforces a rigorous and unique curriculum. Unlike standard public schools, the Charter School teaches Singapore math, which differs from United States math in several ways. First, it covers fewer concepts but in greater depth, ensuring deep understanding of the material. Second, Galapagos Charter School teachers emphasize mastery of both conceptual and computational aspects. Third, the math is accelerated, with a third grade student operating at a sixth grade level. The Galapagos Charter School decided to adopt the Singapore method in light of Singapore’s consistent high ranking in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study. Students come out of the Singapore math classes with a strong aptitude for problem solving and logical thinking.

Another key component of the Galapagos Charter School curriculum is the usage of CAFE, short for comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and expanding vocabulary. Instructors strive to help students master all four reading traits through small group sessions and one-on-one conferences. Students benefit from large classroom libraries, professional development from the Literacy Team, and a book room. Galapagos Charter School instructors also encourage the development of writing skills through writing workshops mixing group work, mini-lessons, and independent work time. Additionally, Galapagos Charter School students experience word study, which focuses on spelling, phonics, and phonemic awareness.

The Galapagos Charter School in Chicago curriculum also features social studies, sciences, Spanish, and options for gifted students. Learn more by calling (773) 384-4866.


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